One of the most important decisions taken by Bin Hamoodah Family in 2008 was to undertake a fundamental reorganization of Bin Hamoodah Company considered as the Holding of the Group to prepare the ground for the next generations and ensure the continuity of the business activities which started in 1967.

As result of this reorganization, Bin Hamoodah Company has equally transferred the Founders’ Ownership to three LLC companies, each one representing the Family members of each Founder. This new legal restructure has reinforced the institutional aspect of the ownership providing a better stability to the Group.

In challenging local and global environments, Bin Hamoodah Company has retained its role and function focused on preserving the family name and its cultural and social values taking into consideration the creative approach and new initiatives brought by the young generation.

We are proud that UAE has a modern infrastructure supporting an efficient development in the various social and economic sectors. There is a strong commitment from the Government to develop further the Education, Energy, Environment and Health sectors .We are looking forward to more co-operation between the public and private sectors to make from UAE one of the most economic competitive countries in the world .

Our decision to invest in people who share the vision of the Group has been rewarding for they relentlessly implement our strategies while enhancing the quality of service and commitment made to clients and consumers. We will continue to focus on investing funds in our existing businesses to improve product quality and increase productivity, and continue to be sensitive and committed to the social requirements of the Country.

We will support long-term growth in selecting activities and markets where we see ourselves both now and in the future having a distinctive role and leadership.

H.E Faraj Ali Bin Hamoodah